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Publicize Your Site

InfoStreet has spent much time in accumulating URL's to search engines and publicity sites around the Internet. Use these links to make your Site visable to the entire world.

Thousands of categories tolist your category under. Can give both local and world wide exposure.


A bit tedious to do your submissions.Read the introduction and instructions carefully.

All Business Network

This is not really a publicizingsite but more of a business to business site

All in One

A comprehensive search engine.Submit your site or a site you like and a new search engine ifyou've found one

Alliance of Global Business Exchange

For businesses only. Goodsite for business exposure.

Alta Vista

This is a powerful and fastsearch engine which everyone uses. Submission to this site is a definite must


A business-to-business site.Choose option D for free listings (other options cost money">

Brian's Revised Internet Yellow Pages

A free no-nonsense submitionto an internet yellow pages site.

Computer and Communication Companies

Limited to companies dealingwith computers and communication. Need a one line descriptionof the entry suitable for use in the list, and a geographic location(city and state/province [and country if not US]


A hot site at the moment.Easy to submit form.


The Internet's largest WhitePage Directory with 6,500,000 listings. You can register bothyour site and your own e-mail address. You are given a passwordwhich you must not lose.

The Great American shopping mall

Provide a free listing forthose in the retail and service based businesses.

GTE Superpages

GTE SuperPages is a new YellowPages entry. Does not accept personal home pages or materialof an offensive nature.


Submit your site via e-mail.

Innovator's Network Yellow Pages

User-friendly lay-out. Firstlisting is free, additional listings must be purchased.

Internet Mall

A very high traffic site generallyinvolved in buying and selling. Submission form must be filledout carefully. Basic listings are free but money will buy youmore. Certain listings are not accepted so read the terms (inthe beginning"> carefully.

Jayde Online Directory

Easy submission form but littleroom for site description. This sites offers some interestingideas for promoting your site.

Josh's Sanctum

Australian. I guess you canpromote your site with this although all I found was a bunch ofadvertisement.


A good site although plasteredwith advertisement


To add your "kingdom"here click on the add kingdom button. Visually pleasingwell layed-out site. It also does searches.

McKinley Magellan Directory

Submission are evaluated beforeacceptance.

Marshall's Hot s

Nominate your site to be oneof the hot sites of the week.


Listings are categorized geographicallybasis.


Good site but not well knownyet.

NCSA What's New

One of the main registrationsites with hundreds of entry a day. You should register herebut keep in mind that you will be one of the masses.

Nerd World

A rather moody site, it hasits slow times and its fast times.

Netcenter - What's New Announcement

Quick and easy place to register


Puts you on a list but haddifficulty finding the list.

NetGuide/WinMag Web HotSpots

E-mail in your site. Youmight just get selected as a hotsite.


Submission to this site isa must as it has a Top 5% of all sites label. Don't forget yourpassword.


One site a day is chosen fromthe submissions and is distributed to subscribers. The site ischosen randomly. Your site will get a lot of attention if youare lucky enough to be chosen.

New Virtual Yellow Pages

Over 3,000,000 hits per weektranslate to a lot of fingers doing the walking. A good sitefor submissions.

Nihongo Yellow Pages

Say Konichiwa (hello"> to theJapanese market. Your site will be listed in both Japanese andEnglish and the basic service is currently free.

One World Plaza

Top 5% site. Make your submissionsnow while its still free.

Open Text Web Index

Extremely well done Canadiansite. Good place to submit also give yoou some ideas on goodsite design.


Choose a business categorythat best describes your site and submit an entry for free.


Quick an easy to add a site.

REX -World Wide Web Resource EXchange

Make sure that your submissionis in the appropriate category.

The River EZ find

The content of the page mustfocus on a broad-interest topic and be non-commercial in nature.You must E-mail your site description.


Take care to choose the topicthat best describes the items for sale in your site.

Starting Point

Good site. A must for newlystarted pages


Great free site, allows youto submit to a number of important sites. Simply a must.

TradeWave Galaxy

A big and important site forsubmissions. Do a search first to find a page with sites mostlike your own and then use the add site function.

United Kingdom Based WWW Servers

Good site for UK presence.Does not yet have forms -how British- ">


A very large and popular site.Submission of your URL is a must.


For those of you who liketo see things happen right away. Submit and your site will immediatelybe listed.

Webnet Media

Rather snobby in their selectionof site that they will take in. Good site otherwise.


Good site

Whats new in UK

UK site although it appearsnon-UK sites can also register.

What's New Too

One of my personal favorites.hoose the category that bst describes your site.


Good reference site.

World Wide Announce Archive

From the land down under (Australia)it is the home of Matilda the search engine. Your listing canbe submitted as world wide or Australian.

WWW Server Registration:

Its a registration service.

WWW Virtual Library

Good site.


Perhaps the most importantplace to put your site. You must choose the category that bestdescribes your site before adding it.


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