Unix Help Index

FTP and Telnet

All of these sites deal with FTP from one Unix machine to another. If you are running FTP from your Windows or Macintosh system your best source of information is the documentation that came with your FTP program.

What is "anonymous FTP"? - A pretty good basic overview of ftp, with commands, and examples
Transferring files using the ftp program - Gives an reasonable explanation of ftp and how to use it
Talking to other systems (telnet, ftp) - Gives information about FTP and all the different file types you might encounter and what they mean
Using anonymous ftp - A brief introduction to FTP and the commands
Examples of opening a connection to a remote host - Shows examples of an FTP session
A Short Guide to Anonymous ftp - Gives a short introduction to FTP and shows some example sessions
Introduction to telnet - Gives a short introduction to telnet an shows some example sessions

General Unix Help Sites

Unix Tutorials - A gopher menu that has a large list of useful Unix tutorials
UNIXhelp Searchable Index - This is a search engine that looks up Unix related information. Its pretty easy to use.
UNIXhelp for Users - This is also a search engine, but has an index of useful Unix information.

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