Internet Software Sites for Windows and Mac


Most of these sites contain software for Windows, there is a little cross over for other platforms like the Macintosh.

Everything You Need to Surf the Net -- For Free! - Where to get FTP, telnet and other software for the net. For FTP software look under the Winsock section and Misc Net Applications section.
Stardust's Winsock Directory - Lists winsock software, including FTP software, browsers, HTML editors and other useful Internet software.
How to Set Up a Winsock Connection -- a beginner's guide - Provides essential information for new users who want to use their Windows pcs for Internet connection. Including an excellent software section and where to get it. I suggest looking at the getting software/recommended sites/My own Internet Application Collection for FTP clients, telnet, tcp/ip stacks, and other software you may need.


For those of you who are Macintosh users, here is a good place to check for software.

University of Texas Macintosh freeware and shareware archive for Macintosh. - Contains lists of shareware and freeware for the Mac. Check under the Internet Software & Services section for FTP clients, telnet and other Internet related software.
Computers and Internet:Software:Macintosh:Archives - If you need more places to look for Mac software, look at Yahoo's list.

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