Searching is a powerful tool, that allows you to easily find information in a web site. Most searches work by asking you to enter a keyword. The search engine then looks through the entire site, and returns to you all the pages of that site that contain the keyword you typed in. Some searches are more sophisticated than others, allowing you to use more than one word, operators like "and" and "or" , or other options to customize your search.

Throughout the Infostreet Instant Web Sites, search is represented by this search icon. When you click on this icon at the bottom of a site, it will bring you to a search page. Enter the word you want to search for in the keyword box. You can use "and" between words, to search for all of your keywords in the document, or "or" to search for 1 or more of the words. The search will return all the pages in that web site that contain the word/s you type in. You can sort the search results by the number of occurrences of the word in each document, by the document title, by the type of document or by the size of the document. You can also tell the search engine the maximum number of matches to fine, by setting the "Max No. of Hits" to 25, 50, 100, or 500.

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