Instant Web Site Hits Banner What is a hit?

Since InfoStreet billing is dependent on hits, we felt it is necessary to define what is considered a hit.

In order to keep this simple, we will use the same mechanism as the Web Servers use to determine a hit. That is, if your visitors ask for a file for the server, that will be considered a single hit.

The general impression is that every page is considered a single hit. However, that definition does not provide a fair measurement of server usage. For instance, there might be a single page with some text and 5 graphic images (gifs) on it. That page is "hitting" the server with 6 requests. One for the page and one for each gif on the page. The server keeps track of every one of these hits.

Hits are also size dependent. Hits can never be larger than 25,000 bytes. If a single file is larger than 25,000 bytes, (only very very very long text files and large image/binary files are that big), we will round it up to the nearest multiple of 25,000 and calculate the number of hits. For instance, a 95,000 byte executable will be calculated as 4 hits.

We at InfoStreet, find using the hits as a measurement of server usage, the most fair method.

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