What is a FTP?

Next to the World Wide Web, FTP is probably the most used resource on the Internet. Originally, FTP stood for File Transfer Protocol. A protocol which allows users on on computer to transfer files to another computer.

Although, that definition is still valid, many now use the acronym FTP for File Transfer Program. This is due to the fact that there are a variety of programs on different computer platforms which use the File Transfer Protocol to transfer files back and forth.

When you take a file from a remote machine down to your own machine, it is called a download. When the opposite happens and you place a file on a remote machine, it is called an upload.

To the pervasiveness of FTP on multiple platforms, we find FTP the easiest way for you to transfer files between your machine and Infostreet servers. For more information of FTP, please visit How To Use Ftp With Your Instant Web Site or InfoStreet's Unix Help Index.

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